About Us

Amy Walker set up velvetmutineer in 2007 to make a positive difference. She wanted to design and create products that her customers would love and enjoy using, but also create a business respectful of its suppliers, raw materials and environmental impact.

The name velvetmutineer comes from being a rebel/warrior but in a soft, velvety, more indirect way. 

We always want velvetmutineer products to be practical, easy to use, fun to carry, and always cheer you up! We always put the customer at the forefront of our minds when we're designing new pieces. And it makes us really happy when our customers tell us they get lots of compliments from their friends and our bags and accessories make them feel good!



After returning from a year travelling, and collecting many buttons, fabrics, bamboo handles, beads, silks... and lots of ideas (!) on the way, Amy used her Grandma's old Singer sewing machine in her bedroom, to make some tote bags using oil cloth and upholstery fabrics. She began selling them at Sunday Upmarket near Brick Lane in March 2007, and then moved to a regular stall at the historic Greenwich Market weekend arts and craft market in South East London. 

She has exhibited at several national trade and retail shows, including the Country Living Fair and Ideal Home Show, Southport Flower Show, Top Drawer and Pulse. She's expanded the business, and had to get some help to make all of her products.

In 2009, Amy began experimenting with some different materials and fell in love with the beautiful bright colours of Italian leather. She started from scratch learning how to make small leather goods and bags using old handbooks that were written by Cordwainers back in the 1950s, when the small leather goods manufacturing industry was at booming in the UK. (In fact, she spent several entire days scouring the library at the London College of Fashion and photocopying old handbooks).

In 2012, velvetmutineer moved to its current studio in Wimbledon, London. This has really helped us to expand our range of machinery meaning we can make better products to a higher standard and on a bigger scale. We now stock independent boutiques across the UK, but we still have our Greenwich Market stall and love getting direct feedback from customers.