Crazy Maze oilcloth wash bag gift set


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This smart geometric print oilcloth is great for wash bags - it's super easy to wipe clean and you don't have to worry about water splashing onto it in the bathroom or washroom.

Our wash bags are different from many others because they're made with the same material on the inside too, which means that even if a shampoo bottle lid becomes loose in transit, any spills stay inside the wash bag, and you don't have any leaks into your suitcase or bag.

And the wash bag is easily wiped clean inside and out, and is ready to go again!

The large wash bag is specially-designed for full sized bottles of shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, and the cosmetic pouch is a better size for travel toiletries or make-up.

Buy the gift set and get a 20% discount off buying the two items separately.


Wash bag: 28.5cm wide x 17cm high x 9cm deep

Cosmetic pouch: 18cm wide x 12cm high x 6cm deep

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